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Vasileostrovsky District of Saint Petersburg

náhled fotografie: znak Sankt-PetěrburguVasileostrovsky District of Saint Petersburg (Russia) (pouze česky)

The Memorandum of Friendship and Cooperation between the Municipal District of Prague 6 and the Vasileostrovsky District of Saint Petersburg was signed in 2010.

The Vasileostrovsky District is one of the four central districts of St. Petersburg and the largest island in the Neva delta. Its western part facing the Gulf of Finland is the central source of the «sea facade» of St. Petersburg while the eastern promontory — "Strelka" — is a part of the panorama of the public city centre. The key position between the main course of the Neva and the projection into the Neva Bay predetermined its vital role in the development of St. Petersburg.

According to the census results from 2010, the Vasileostrovsky District has 203,181 inhabitants.

The territory of the district includes two large islands divided by the small river of Smolenka, i.e. the Vasilyevsky Island and the Dekabristov (Goloday) Island, as well as a small island called Serny. The uniqueness of the Vasileostrovsky District may be seen in its island status – it is entirely located on one island (the Dekabristov Island and the tiny islands separated by very small rivers can hardly be considered as separate) and it only has water borders with the neighbouring districts. The land connection with other districts of St. Petersburg is completely broken for several hours during the summer navigation season when the bridges over the Neva River are lifted.

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