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náhled souboru Ružomberok          (pouze česky) 

The Memorandum of Friendship and Cooperation between the Municipal district of Prague 6 and the Slovak town of Ružomberok was signed in 2013. The partnership set the development of cooperation mostly in the area of culture, sports and youth education as its goal, as well as support of exchange stays of active senior citizens and exchange of experience related to the execution of self-government. The Memorandum also expresses a mutual interest to maintain the language and cultural closeness of both nations. 

Ružomberok, with its total area of 126.72 km² and 30 thousand citizens, is located on the confluence of the Váh and Revúca rivers in the western part of Liptovská Basin on the boundary of the Velká Fatra, Chodské vrchy and Low Tatras mountain ranges. The picturesque vicinity of the town allowing to enjoy sports both in the summer and winter months has been attracting more and more national and international tourists. The town can also boast numerous quality sports clubs. 

The settlement is first mentioned in writing in 1233. Ružomberok acquired its town rights in 1318. The town developed significantly in the last third of the 19th century due to the construction of the Košice-Bohumín Railway. It led to an industrial development, especially of the paper-making industry. The municipality of Vlkolínec listed in the UNESCO World Heritage list is part of the town as well. There are several secondary schools in the town, as well at the Catholic University (faculties of education, philosophy, theology and health care). The Slovak politician and Catholic priest Andrej Hlinka came from Ružomberok as well.

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