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náhled fotografie: znak PorečePoreč (Croatia) (pouze česky) 

The Memorandum of Friendship and Cooperation between the Municipal District of Prague 6 and the Croatian town of Poreč was signed in 2012. The young partnership set a goal to develop cooperation in the areas of culture, sports, education of youth and entrepreneurial activities, as well as to share valuable experience associated with administration.

Poreč is a coastal town and municipality in the Istria County in western Croatia. St. Nicholas Island belongs to the municipality. The town itself has approximately 12,000 inhabitants and the total population of the town and its surrounding agglomerations is approximately 17,500, of which 85% are Croatians and 15% Italians. Poreč is a popular tourist resort with a dense network of hotels. The town may boast remains of Antique structures, as well as buildings influenced by Venetian Gothic architecture. The most famous landmark is the Euphrasian Basilica listed among the UNESCO World Heritage sites.

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