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Cycle Routes


New Cycle Route from McDonald's [Evropská Avenue] to Veleslavínská Street

Large Cycle Circuit

Cycle Route from Dejvice to Veleslavín [VE-DE]

Cycle Route from Sobín to Stromovka [No. 201]

Cycle Route from Letná to Břevnov [BŘ-LE]


Cycling belongs among the healthiest physical activities and the built-up and landscape areas of Prague 6 offer a number of opportunities for active and leisure cycling, as well as for exploring the natural or historic sites and sceneries. Although the previous walking tours may be largely travelled on a bicycle, three cycle routes are especially designated for cyclists and they are partly connected to long-distance bike routes exceeding the borders of Prague 6.

All the cycle routes are marked with yellow signs indicating the route, the direction, the destination or individual legs along with distances or detours. The signs serve for basic orientation and they are installed on electric line poles or on separate posts. The cycle routes often intersect the walking routes. In order to simplify and improve the use of the cycle routes, the following overview brings you information about the individual route legs either in the form of brief descriptions or references to the particular walking routes, in case the cycle and walking routes are connected.

New Cycle Path from McDonald's [Evropská Avenue] to Veleslavínská Street

The new cycle path was put into operation on 20 September 2004 and it leads from McDonald's at Evropská Avenue to Veleslavínská Street. The entire route is 2 km long.

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Large Cycle Circuit

Another cycle route is the 50 km long "Large Cycle Circuit", which follows the route of the Prague 50 km cycling race. The route begins at Studentský dům (Students House) in Dejvice and it leads via Tuchoměřice to Okoř where it turns back to Dejvice.

The entire circuit is marked and at two locations, it is intersected by two shortcuts, which means that it is actually divided into three routes – long, medium, and short. The circuit is therefore suitable for bikers of all categories and skills. Apart from signs providing details about the route, historical and natural points of interests in the surroundings, information signs promoting various social, cultural and sports events in the nearby municipalities are installed along the route. Thanks to the plentiful information, the cycle route is ideal for one-day family bicycle trips or for exploring the beautiful countryside with nature reserves.

A 3D map of the cycle route may be downloaded HERE (pouze česky) (avi format, size 13MB).


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Cycle Route from Dejvice to Veleslavín [VE-DE]

A part of Bubeneč, Podbaba and Šárka in Dejvice, Jenerálka, Nebušice, Divoká Šárka, Džbán and Veleslavín

Starting point: The edge of Papírenská Street behind the railway viaduct near the Bubeneč Railway Station. The route intersects the cycle path through Stromovka.

Ride through Papírenská Street (see 4), continue along Podbabská Street and below the railway viaduct turn to V Podbabě Street, ride all the way to Břetislavka and through the valley of Tichá Šárka to Jenerálka (see 7).

At Jenerálka, turn right and then left and continue along the road to Nebušice. It is a larger municipality affiliated to Prague 6. First mentions date back to 1273 and historical sights include the Church of St. Cyril and Methodius built in 1866. To the right from the road climbing before reaching the centre of the municipality, you may see a large complex of an international school with sports grounds and a modern village.

Turn left at the school in the centre of Nebušice and continue along Nad Želivkou Street and Pod hájovnou Street, follow the signs into an extensive forest park above the valley of Divoká Šárka between Nebušice and Liboc. Do not ride into the valley, the road leading through the valley is not a part of the cycle route.

Ride along the Džbán water reservoir (see 7) and the adjoining camp, continue along Nad lávkou, K Červenému vrchu and Vokovická Streets through Vokovice (see 3) and Evropská Avenue to the railway crossing in Veleslavín (see 3). Turn right behind the crossing.

Ending point: U Sadu Street. The route is approximately 16 km long. The route largely leads through flat terrain with steeper climbs from Jenerálka to Nebušice and along the edge of Nebušice. It intersects route No. 201 between Stromovka and Sobín, which leads to Dejvice.

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Cycle Route from Sobín to Stromovka [No. 201]

Sobín, Řepy, Bílá Hora, Hvězda, Petřiny, Veleslavín, Ořechovka, Dejvice, Bubeneč, Stromovka

The starting point is in Sobín to the west of Prague 6, the route continues via Řepy and enter Prague 6 at Bílá Hora (see 3). Continue to the centre of Prague 6 through Čistovická and U boroviček Streets and cross Bělohorská Street. The Church of Our Lady of Victory and a historical inn are located nearby (see 3).

Ride along Thurnova, Haberfeldova, Moravanů and Pozdeňská Streets all the way to the Hvězda Game Preserve (see 3). The route leads along the eastern part of the game preserve almost to the main entrance (here it connects to the BŘ-LE route). It then continues along U Hvězdy Street where you will turn right to the Petřiny housing estate and Heyrovského Square (see 3).

From here, ride along Předvoje and Na Okraji Streets to Veleslavín (see 3) where you may connect to the VE-DE route.

Continue along Pod Petřinami and Pod Novým lesem Streets to Ořechovka (see 6), in Nový lesík Street turn to Cukrovarnická Street and after almost reaching its end, ride towards Evropská Avenue. Before crossing the avenue, you will see a pre-war grammar school building to your left and the Diplomat Hotel to your right.

After crossing Evropská Avenue, ride through Kolejní Street and the extensive university complex (see 1) to Fleming Square along the pre-war building of the Agricultural Research Institute, turn left to Antonín Čermák Street, ride past the Bubeneč Cemetery and under the railway viaduct.

At the edge of Papírenská Street, the route connects to the VE-DE route.

The route continues through Stromovka. The route from Sobín to the edge of Papírenská Street near Stromovka is approximately 17 km long, and from Bílá Hora approximately 10 km long. Sloping terrain is between Petřiny and Veleslavín and at Ořechovka.

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Cycle Route from Letná to Břevnov [BŘ-LE]

Letenské sady and Chotkovy sady parks, along Prague Castle, Břevnov, stadiums at Strahov, Ladronka, Vypich, Hvězda

The route begins in the territory of Prague 7 in Letenské sady (Letná Park), it continues across a footbridge over Chotkova Street and enters Chotkovy sady (Chotek Park) on the territory of Prague 1. In Chotek Park, you may see a memorial dedicated to writer Julius Zeyer and Queen Anne's Summer Palace.

The route enters Prague 6 at the park entrance near the Písek Gate (see 4).

It then continues with the longest leg leading along sidewalks and tram tracks through Jelení Street, it passes Prague Castle to the left and follows Keplerova Street to Strahov.

Turn right to Hládkov Street (the route from the opposite direction leads through Parléřova Street) and to Břevnov (see 2) and then left across Bělohorská Street, continue a few metres along Vaníčkova Street and turn right to Chodecká Street that leads to the Strahov sports stadiums. The large stadium was built between the world wars for Sokol mass exercises known as "slet" (flock).

Continue along Maratonská, Běžecká and Atletická Streets to the park near Ladronka (see 2).

Ride on the sidewalk along Bělohorská Street and after crossing the street, continue to the main entrance to the Hvězda Game Preserve where the route ends and connects to the route No. 201. The length of the BŘ-LE route is approximately 7 km, 6 km on the territory of Prague 6. Steeper climbs may be encountered between Břevnov and Strahov.

The Municipal District of Prague 6 organizes the annual "Prague 50 km" cycling race. The route of the race starts in Dejvice and leads through numerous municipalities and localities north of Prague, including Okoř Castle and the fortified settlement of Budeč. Detailed information is published in the "Šestka" monthly and it is also available at the Office of the Municipal District of Prague 6.

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