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Antalya - Muratpașa

náhled souboru (pouze èesky)


The Memorandum of Partnership between the Municipal District of Prague 6 and Muratpașa was signed in 2015. The objective of the cooperation, mainly envisaged in the areas of municipal administration, culture, sports, the environment, and transport, is to achieve bilateral development and prosperity.

With 443,000 inhabitants, Muratpașa is the largest central district of the dynamically developing city of Antalya situated on the Mediterranean coast of the Asian part of Turkey.  As it is located in the oldest settlement area of Antalya, the history of Muratpașa coincides with the history of the city. The district covering an area of 92 km² is divided into 56 sub-districts. The name of the district is derived from the Muratpașa Mosque built in 1570. The mosque was named after the then ruling Murat Pasha dynasty. Like in Prague 6, a busy international airport is located on the territory of Muratpașa.

The sports clubs in Muratpașa are largely oriented on football – the local football club has won the national amateur league – as well as on basketball, gymnastics and handball – the local women's handball club has won the national league several times over the past years.

There are 70 basic schools, 17 general education secondary schools, 8 technical schools, 2 tourism-oriented schools, and 1 sports school in Muratpașa. 

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