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Municipal District of Prague 6
Čs. armády 23, Prague 6, (map)
Postal Code 160 52

Office Hours

Monday:  8:00am - 6:00pm
Wednesday: 8:00am - 6:00pm

Main telephone numbers

Telephone: 220 189 111
Free information line: 800 800 001
Fax: 220 189 111

About Prague 6

The Municipal District of Prague 6 covers an area of approximately 42 km2 and its population is almost 120,000. It is thus comparable with the largest cities in the Czech Republic. Thanks to its diverse build-up areas with wide boulevards lined with modern and historical buildings, as well as extensive natural parks and gardens seated in articulate terrain, it belongs among the most beautiful and the most prestigious municipal districts of Prague.


The district may boast a number of theatres, museums, and galleries, often situated in historically valuable structures. In addition, it offers a wide variety of leisure and relaxation activities, including various interest associations, theatres, or numerous sports clubs specializing in football, modern pentathlon, athletics, flat track, canoeing, fencing, chess, swimming, and other sports. The diversity of our municipal district is also highly valued by many foreign embassies and consulates. At present, 68 diplomatic missions and business companies have their seat or residence in our district and its attractiveness is augmented by the international airport in Ruzyně, which offers direct connection with the district centre.


Apart from basic schools with different specializations (music, dancing, arts, sports), Prague 6 also has several grammar schools, two of which rank among the best in the city, and specialized secondary schools, such as the Secondary Civil Aviation School or the Business Academy. Significant universities have their campuses on the territory of the Municipal District of Prague 6, e.g. Czech Technical University in Prague (the oldest technical university in Europe), the Institute of Chemical Technology Prague, the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports of Charles University, the Catholic Theological Faculty of Charles University, or Czech University of Life Sciences Prague.

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Prague 6 Municipal District Authority
Čs. armády 23, 160 52 Praha 6


Phone Operator: 220 189 111
Free Info-Line: 800 800 001
Fax: 220 189 111
Email: podatelna{at sign}praha6{dot}cz
Data box: bmzbv7c